Earning the SouthWest Companion Pass

Yes the Southwest Companion Pass is the MOST valuable flight reward available on any airline. Once you earn it your companion flies free with you anytime, anywhere Southwest flies. That is true whether you are paying for tickets with money or points. So think about that. You schedule a free roundtrip flight on Southwest with your points and your companion flies free with you………that’s two free flights anywhere Southwest flies………okay so how can you earn the Companion Pass.

You can earn the Southwest Companion Pass by flying 100 one-way segments. Okay, who does that? Anyone flying that much probably doesn’t want to fly on vacation. No, but thank goodness I don’t fly that much for business and probably most of you don’t either. So fortunately there is a much better way to earn the companion pass and that is by earning 110,000 Southwest points in a calendar year. The easiest way isn’t by flying but rather by spending money on a Southwest credit card.

Now you are thinking who is going to spend $110,000 in one year on a credit card. Excellent question and certainly not me nor most of us. So here is the trick, when you sign up for a Southwest credit card they often offer 50,000 points for getting their new credit card. So let’s say you get a new card and spend $5,000 on it. Now you have a quick 55,000 Southwest points and you need 55,000 more and you will have the companion pass. Who spends $55,000 on a credit card in one year? My wife would like to, but that’s too steep for us and probably most people, so how about this. Southwest actually has 4 different credit cards, two personal cards and two business cards, all of which at times during the year have that 50,000 point bonus offers. So now the trick is just apply for and get your second Southwest card, spend $5,000 on it and you just earned the Southwest Companion Pass.

Now before you run off to apply for two cards let me give you a couple of other tricks to be aware of:

Rest of this year PLUS the next year
Once you earn the Companion Pass it is good for the rest of that year plus the entire next year. If you earn it in say December of 2016 it will be good for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017. While that is wonderful, what is even better is to earn the Companion Pass at the first of the year. Earn it in January of 2017 and the pass is good for the rest of 2017 and all of 2018. Now doing it all in one month might be difficult, but you get the idea. Do it early in the year so that you have the Companion Pass for as much of two years as possible.

Whose Points
Remember you and your spouse can both do this, but you probably don’t want to do it at the same time. You can do it personally and cover two years, then have your spouse do it to cover the next two years and so on.

Business Cards
Two of the four Southwest cards are business cards. This isn’t a bad thing and really anyone can qualify for a business card when your business is an official corporation, llc, or a sole proprietership OR even if you are just thinking about starting or having a little business on the side.

3x Spending
As with most credit cards you receive a point for every dollar spent and sometimes up to 3x points depending on what you are buying. Of course their incentive is for you to spend money with Southwest so that’s when you earn 3x points.

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