Fly Free for two years with SouthWest Airlines

Okay, so Southwest doesn’t fly to Hawaii YET……………but you still don’t want to miss out on this deal, because it’s a great way to get around the country and to the West Coast where round trip flights to Hawaii are much less, AND besides the rumors are circulating that South West will fly to Hawaii at some point. The Southwest companion pass is perhaps the most valuable travel tool in the industry. Once earned your companion flies free with you wherever you fly. That’s not just for paid flights but includes flights that you fly for free by using your points.

So as an example flying Southwest from SLC to LAX on points in January I can fly for as little as 3,666 points. Wow, that’s a great deal but what makes it twice as good is my companion can fly for free with me. The is two one-way tickets from SLC to LAX for $69. Now you can’t beat that.


How do you earn the companion pass? It takes a bit of work but you can do it…………… here for details.

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