How I bought 6 round trip tickets to Kauai for $10/each

Too good to be true you think?  Well it’s not, I will show you the receipt and I will show you how to fly to Kauai for $10.  Yes, you can do it to.  If you don’t want to do it yourself I will be glad to help you do it!


How it began:  Our family has been dreaming of an extended vacation (10 days) to Kauai  in 2013.  There could be as many as eight of us going.  As of now there are six going for sure. Accomplishing this is not an easy task and certainly not easy on the wallet.  When you consider that round trip tickets to Kauai during “non-school” times have reached the $600 – $800 level, it’s expensive.  The obvious math is 6 x $700 you’re at $4200 for

I began my search looking at flights to Kauai from Las Vegas, because Hawaiian Airlines flies out of Las Vegas.  What I discovered is that the best price/points for a round trip ticket to Kauai is 34,500 points.  That is not a lot of points when you compare similar round trips on airlines such as  Delta that can be 60,000 or more.  So the question became how do I get 34,500 points on Hawaiian Air when I’ve never even flown that airline before.

Hawaiian Air Credit Cards

My first 70,000 Hawaiian Air points came from applying for two Hawaiian Airline credit cards.  I applied for both on the same day and both cards offered a 35,000 point sign-up bonus.  One card is through Bank of America and the other card is through Hawaiian Bank.  These bonus awards are not short-term promotions, but rather standard point bonuses for these cards.  Each card required a minimum of $2,000 purchase in a four month period.  My wife and I simply put away our other credit cards and used these two cards.  It was easy to reach the qualified spending amount.

The second 70,000 Hawaiian Air points came thanks to American Express.  American Express ran a special offering 75,000 points to sign-up for their Gold Card.  I already had the card, but not my wife, so she signed up. We thought her being approved would be a long shot, but she was.  She received the 75,000 points after spending $10,000 over a four month period. Hawaiian Miles allows you to transfer American Express miles to your Hawaiian Miles account for a 1-to-1 exchange.  So, with my wife’s points we now had 145,000 Hawaiian Mile points.

American Express

The third 70,000 Hawaiian Air points came from my business American Express card that had over 100,000 points on it.  It’s a card I have used for years with my businesses and with those accumulated points I did a 1:1 transfer to Hawaiian Miles.

We now had 210,000 Hawaiian Miles are were able to purchase 6 round trip tickets to Kauai for $10 in travel fees………………you gotta love that.  Below you will find a copy of the six purchased tickets.  We are  looking forward to this trip to Kauai.  Be sure to sign-up for the blog so that you will be notified when additional details are available.

Six tickets to Kauai for $10 each

Roundtrip to Kauai for $10

Round trip to Kauai $10 a ticket

5 thoughts on “How I bought 6 round trip tickets to Kauai for $10/each

  1. I am so grateful to have found your blog.  I can’t tell you how stressed out I am about planning our trip to Hawaii.  Our family has never been and we are going to celebrate our daughter graduating from High School.  It will happen to be during our 19 year anniversary as well.  So we have a Hyatt Vacation Club membership/timeshare.  I put us on the waiting list back in August through Interval International {a way to use our points NOT through using the Hyatt resorts} thinking we would have our condo reserved by now…nope!  So here I am frantically trying to figure something out while we can’t even use our points.  Grrrr… The other thing I was surprised to find out was that our Southwest rewards would not help us get to Hawaii…however upon reading through your posts, it might be an option.  Here’s my deal…ultimately, I would like to go to Maui and Oahu.  But, with a family of 5 I don’t like the idea of having to pack everything up in the middle of our trip to go to a different hotel.  So we were going to settle with Maui.  I had chosen for our first choice of accommodations the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas.  Second choice was Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club.  With 5 of us we have to have at least 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  I’ve heard the food is really expensive so I like the option of having a kitchen to cook some of our meals.  Anyway, I am worried I’m going to make the wrong choice and I can’t fathom that after the amount of $ it will cost for this trip.  Before I give away too many more details I’ll stop for now and see what you say.

    • Shan,

      Let’s talk flights now. I love SouthWest airlines because of the ease of earning points AND the ability to change flights. It is rumored that they will be adding Hawaii to their route list at some point, and that will be exciting………………but I don’t think that will be in time for any of us going this year.

      Southwest WILL get you to the West Coast which will typically mean lower cost and fewer points from there to Hawaii. Just looking real quick in August I’m seeing $222/one-way or 25,000 points from San Diego. Be sure to look at LAX, San Jose, Oakland, Seattle and Las Vegas. A couple months ago it was 17,400 points from LV to Kauai one-way. The two Hawaiin Airline credit cards will get you 35,000 points each which is 70,000 points and if you and your husband do it that will give you 140,000 points which is just about 3 tickets at this price. I checked prices real quick so I’m hoping you can find better as well. Do you have American Express Points or Avios points? There is a way to fly Alaskan Airlines to Hawaii for fewer points as well which I can share.

    • Shan,

      I am still figuring out how to manage comments and reply’s but I’m trying to answer all your questions as posted blogs. Please let me know what other questions you have and I will try to answer them. More posts to come in response to your comment.

  2.  Oh and I really want us to be able to see the Polynesian cultural center, the temple and BYU Hawaii.  Is there a way to go to Oahu from Maui for just a day?

    • Shan,

      Lots of great questions and all valid concerns, but I’m excited for you and your family it will be so much fun.  That’s the same reason we are going to Kauai this year, HS graduation and my daughters request.

      Let me try this one at a time and I may have to research a few things and get back to you on a couple of items.  First of all, Hyatt Vacation Club (do you like it by the way?).  We are with Marriott Vacation Club and I did the same thing, put in for Kauai 13 months in advance.  I’ve struck out as well and finally got too nervous and went online and rented from a Marriott owner directly at about 1/2 the price of renting directly from the Marriott on Kauai.  I look on vacation rental sites such as vrbo, flipkey and redweek where owners either rent their weeks or their homes.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate, don’t offer the price they have put start lower and see where you end up.  Then just follow the “safety rules” the sites suggest and you should be fine.  I have left my “trade” in on Marriott still and if it goes through I’m going to turn-around and try to rent it at MORE than I’m paying………….that would be cool, but who knows.  

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