Southwest Airlines and Hawaii

I love Southwest airlines for many reasons, and if you want to fly affordably you will too.  Southwest makes it easy to earn bonus points on credit cards as well as being generous with points earned for spending on the credit cards.  Unlike any other airline I am aware of Southwest allows you to change flights at no charge, they don’t provide a cash refund, but you have up to a year to use those funds on another Southwest flight.  Southwest also has no fees for your first two bags, something that is difficult to find on any other airline.  It is rumored that Southwest will be adding Hawaii to their route list at some point, and that will be exciting………………but it doesn’t appear that will happen in time for any of us to use for  trips to Hawaii this year.

Southwest however, will get you to the West Coast which then means lower cost and fewer points on another airline to Hawaii. Just looking real quick at Hawaiian Airlines for  August of this year, I’m seeing $222/one-way or 25,000 points from San Diego. Be sure to look at LAX, San Jose, Oakland, Seattle and Las Vegas. A couple months ago it was 17,400 points from Las Vegas to Kauai one-way.

The two Hawaiian Airline credit cards will get you 35,000 points each which is 70,000 points and if you and your spouse do it that will give you 140,000 points which is just about 3 tickets at this price. I checked prices real quick so I’m hoping with some effort you can find better as well.

I just looked at similar dates for round trip flights out of Salt Lake City and they are an unbelievable $800+ right now.  If nothing else use Southwest to get to the West Coast to save 50% of the cost of a ticket.

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