Marriott Vacation Club & trading to Hawaii

There are many time share options to choose from, but Marriott Vacation Club is a great choice.  The thing our family loves about Marriott, whether it be the hotels or the vacation club, we know it’s always quality and we will be treated well.  My first experience with travel reward points was with Marriott, and we have had a Marriott visa card for many years.  We have been able to take a number of amazing vacations using our points with Marriott, and now that we are Platinum members the vacations are even more amazing.

I am not yet a wizard at timeshare trading, but I’m learning and have had some good success.  We own a silver Marriott Vacation Club week, in Park City and have had success trading to Ko Olina on Oahu, one of our favorite resorts ever.

For this summer’s trip to Kauai, we put in a request 13 months in advance.  No luck so far  and finally I got too nervous and went online and rented from a Marriott Vacation Club owner at about 1/2 the price of renting directly from the Marriott on Kauai.  I looked on vacation rental sites such as vrbo, flipkey and redweek where owners either rent their weeks or their homes.

I’ve used these sites before and find them to be very helpful.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate, don’t offer the price they have put start lower and see where you end up.  Then just follow the “safety rules” the sites suggest and you should be fine.  I have left my “Kauai trade” in on the Marriott Vacation Club and if it goes through I’m going to turn-around and try to rent it at MORE than I’m paying………….that would be cool, but who knows.

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