Families Fly Free to Hawaii

Does families fly free to Hawaii, sound impossible? By leveraging Hawaiian Miles, and new credit card sign-ups a family of eight can fly free to Hawaii.  As I have mentioned before I am working on a August 2013 two week trip to Hawaii from our family of 8.  One of the biggest potential costs of course is airfare.  During that prime time in the summer from Salt Lake City, round-trip flights can be$700+.  Well Hawaiian Airlines and Hawaiian Miles + Las Vegas may be the incredibly easy answer.

Checking my Hawaiian Miles account yesterday revealed that I have 36,000 miles, soon to 76,000 miles………………and I haven’t ever flown on Hawaiian Air.  I did though as I described in a previous post, sign-up for both the Bank of America and Hawaiian Bank airline credit cards which both offer a 35,000 point bonus.

So what does 75,000 miles in HawaiinMiles get you?  Well checking Las Vegas to Kauai (where we want to go), for next August shows roundtrip miles required 35,000.  That means I will soon have 2 round-trip tickets, at basically  no cost…………unbelievable and such a good deal that I am having my daughter (21), my wife and then my son (23) sign-up for those credit cards.  Assuming that all works out we will have our 8 free trickets from LV to Kauai………….Wow.

Even if that doesn’t all work for all four of us, as part of the first year sign-up, you are able to get 50% discount on a companion pass.  That means I could spend the $450 on one ticket and get the second for $225.00.  Not a bad deal either.  That option is available for both credit cards, meaning that I could get four people to Kauai for $1350 which is approximately $350/person.  That is Las Vegas to Kauai, not just Honolulu.

I am sooooo excited!


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