Why Southwest Airlines is my new favorite airline

Southwest Airlines is by far my new favorite airline.  Yes, I know you don’t get an assigned seat, but all the positives, especially the help it provides getting to Hawaii, is worth it.  Let’s talk other positives first:

  • No Change Fee – wow, only domestic airline I know that is like this.  You can change a flight for no cost, they don’t give you back your money, but you can change to another Southwest flight at no charge (up to a year)………..that rocks, you think you might want to fly somewhere, make a reservation at the best price and you can always change it later……………
  • Bags are Free – No cost for the first and second bags you check.
  • Low Prices – Southwest flights are typically the lowest fare between most of the cities I look at.  Not always, but usually it’s one of the lower fares which also means it takes fewer points to fly for free.
  • Website – I find their website easy to use, easy to book and easy to see how many points it will take to fly.  It’s a little annoying that most “combined” airfare watch programs don’t include Southwest, but I simply make it a habit to check their website after checking a consolidator.
Now let’s talk about how Southwest can help you get to Hawaii………
  • Hawaii – No direct service to Hawaii yet, but that is certainly in the rumor mill and appears to be just a matter of time.  Even without that service Southwest flies to most of the west coast cities that then provide killer deals to Hawaii.
  • Credit Card and Frequent Flyer Points – The Southwest credit card is well worth signing up for when you get 50,000 points.  When I signed up about 6 months ago, the only requirement was a single purchase.  My son received his card just this week and his requirement is $1,000 spend in four months…………my wife is taking care of that for him  Either way, it’s well worth it when round trip SLC to San Diego flights can be as low as 16,000 points…………..in fact less than that.  I just checked round-trip flights from SLC to San Diego on Southwest and each way the minimum points required is 6,840 for a total of 13,680 total points for a round trip ticket to San Diego.  That means will a single credit card sign-up bonus of 50,000 will get me 3 complete round-trip tickets and almost a fourth.
  • Earning Frequent Flyer Points – They also have a myriad of ways to accumulate points as you purchase other items and services.  I need to experiment here and see which items work best, but they are constantly pushing their shopping portal with specials for accumulating points.

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