The North Shore of Oahu is an ideal Hawaii vacation for families

I’m a little nervous writing this post because I’m afraid I am giving away one of our favorite secrets about Hawaii…………and that is the North Shore.  The North Shore is a reference to the North side of the island of Oahu.  It is opposite side of the island from Waikiki and Honolulu, and we love it because it’s nothing like the South Shore.  There are fewer people, fewer tourist traps and it’s just beautiful.

I think many visitors believe they have to visit the islands of Kauai or Maui to experience the “real” Hawaii, but in reality I don’t think you have to leave the island of Oahu…… simply have to drive to the other side.

The North Shore is about a one hour drive from Waikiki.  It is home to the three of the most famous surf beaches for big wave surfing Waimea Bay, Pipeline and Sunset Beach.  From November to February these beaches are home to big waves and experienced surfers.

Surprisingly the North Shore does not have many hotels.  The Turtle Bay is the primary hotel on that side of the island.  Renting condos or homes on the North Shore is usually the best way to go if you wish to stay there (highly recommended).

For families the North Shore boasts, good beaches and waves (during the summer), fewer people, great hiking, Hukilau Beach, Hukilau Cafe, BYU Hawaii, the LDS Temple, the Polynesian Culture Center, snorkeling, shrimp trucks and much more.


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2 thoughts on “The North Shore of Oahu is an ideal Hawaii vacation for families

  1. Thank you for this great web-site. Our extended family has been visiting the Islands each year for 30+ years now. We agree with all you have written. Please expand your food section to include other area favorites such as Kahuku Grill which is LDS family run, has fabulous famous, food and is open many more hours than Hukilau grill. Between those two as well as Papa Ole’s in Hauula you can’t go wrong for great inexpensive island food all day long, any day, Breakfast, lunch and dinner. This comment just scratches the surface of what our family does regarding food while visiting the “country side of Oahu but those three places get a major share of our food dollars spent while eating out.


    George Croft

    • Great suggestions. I’m on the North Shore this week and will test out Kahuku Grilll. It’s just been one day and we’ve already been to Hukilau Cafe and Ted’s Bakery so we are off to a good start

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