Waimea Bay – Jump from the rock

Waimea Bay is a popular and famous beach on the North Shore of the island of Oahu and is home to the large waves during the winter surf season.  During the summer months the waves are a size you can play in, although they are fairly rough and break on the beach, so we usually swim beyond the break.  We visit Waimea Bay though, not for the waves and beach but rather for the rock jumping.  Without a doubt our children’s favorite thing to do at Waimea Bay is to jump from the rock.

As you enter the beach the rock to jump from is off to the left, you will likely see people already doing it.  It’s quite a safe jump while at the same time being high enough to give the children a thrill.

Plan ahead when going to Waimea Bay, it’s a popular location with limited parking, so parking can be a challenge.  We typically make it our first trip of the morning to beat the rush.  We also find that later in the day the sand can be very hot.  It’s a wide open beach without much shade so the sand gets very hot and it can be a long walk from the rock and water back to the parking lot.

On our most recent trip to Hawaii, there were dolphins swimming in the bay, which was just amazing.  Wild dolphins that seemed to enjoy the swimmers and really had no fear of being close.  We had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins and it didn’t even cost anything.  That will be forever one of our families favorite memories from Hawaii and Waimea Bay.


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