Oahu Lodging

Oahu lodging can be challenging, but also rewarding when you find the right location for your family.  My first few visits to Hawaii were with a sales group and a bunch of single guys.  We stayed in hotels on Waikiki, and I thought that was really the only option on Oahu.  In fact, most people that haven’t been to Hawaii or haven’t been more than a few times, might believe that.  Granted, for Oahu lodging there are a lot of hotels on Waikiki, but there are many other options to consider, especially for families.  The hotel rooms typically don’t hold more than four, they don’t like to allow or even provide rollaways and they put heavy emphasis around putting more than the approved number of people in a room.  So, with a family of five or more you are pretty much stuck with two hotel rooms no matter what you do, and no matter how good the price that usually ends up being pretty expensive.

Condos and rental homes are a great option and really your only option if you want to stay on the North Shore.  There are not many hotel choices on the North Shore, in fact Turtle Bay is about your only choice, but there are many rental homes and condos.  Choose VRBO or another rental site to find homes to rent.  We have had luck on the North Shore near Laie including renting from one of the BYU professors while they were here on the mainland.  We have also had luck trading our Marriot Timeshare from Park City to Ko’Olina.  That may be my children’s most favorite resort.  It’s somewhat on the West & South shore, away from Waikiki.  It takes 45min to drive to the North Shore but our children think it’s worth it.

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