Award Wallet

What are you going to do now that you have multiple credit cards and many frequent traveler accounts and award programs.  Add to that your wife and children who are signing up and now it’s a real chore to keep track of.

The first step to ensure you are maximizing your award points is using Award Wallet.  I came across Award Wallet a few months ago and it’s a time and point saver.  It connects to your travel and credit card award accounts, and helps you keep track of and manage your points in one place.  Just having all your points in one place is a benefit.  Many of the sites will let Award Wallet login automatically and keep it updated for you.  Others you will have to update manually which is a pain, but at least it’s doable.  Award Wallet provides a  dashboard that will help you manage your reward points better.

You can also connect and manage accounts for the others in your family, but wherever we travel I have my children track their points as well.  I used to lose their numbers and login inofrmation, but now I can keep it all in one place.  I have done the most traveling in our family, but I have had my wife and children sign up whenever we fly to make sure they are accumulating points.



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