Airfare to Hawaii – From the West Coast

The fare prices to Hawaii from Salt Lake City for example have just seemed astronomical lately.  $750 and more seems to be the regular price now, so when I saw $384 from San Diego it caught my attention.  I am signed up on the American Express Travel Farewatcher Plus program which notifies me of fare price decreases to Hawaii.  On June 14th the roundtrip fare from San Diego to Honolulu decreased from $493 to $384.  I just ran a search on American Express for a round trip fare from SLC to HNL and the lowest fare was $722.

With a difference in fare price of $336 that can be well worth a drive to San Diego.  I am looking at taking our entire family of seven so with a savings of 7x$336 totaling $2,352 that can be well worth a drive including a hotel to put us up if we want to cut the drive down.  Since we have grandparents in St. George we can stay at no cost their for a night and then make our way to San Diego from their.  Granted not as convenient, and will take a couple of extra days, but it will keep the costs down.



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